A Female Led Society is NOT About…

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Many may have misconceptions about what a Female Led Society would be like. We want to dismember these misconceptions one at a time.

A Female Led Society is NOT About…

Degrading Men

We do not hate men. We appreciate their presence and support in our lives. Just because we are advocates for a Female Led Society doesn’t mean we believe that men are useless. In fact, we hope that men will support and respect the ascension of women as leaders in the same manner that women have supported and respected their leadership.

Believing that Women Are Superior to Men

Women are not superior to men. Each human is born with distinct capabilities and the capacity to choose their life path. We respect the members of each gender and hope that we can work together to influence society to respect both genders equally.

Believing that Women Should Take Over The World

There has been much talk about how women should take over the world. We do not encourage this idea because then those smart and capable men who would help to advance our society would be held back. We believe that men and women can work together, allowing the best of the human race to step forward and assume leadership positions regardless of gender.

A Female Led Society IS About…

Honoring the Choices of Women

When a woman makes a decision for her life, we should always honor that decision. Decisions about her body, her lifestyle, her career path and who she loves should always be left for her to decide. We should never judge her for her choices or relegate her potential to the choices set forth by society’s gender roles and social norms. Honoring the choices of women means allowing them the space to decide which lifestyle they want to live and respecting that lifestyle choice.

Empowering Women to Become Leaders

When our society begins to respect women as valuable contributors to society by offering active support our society will experience a massive shift in productivity and overall happiness.

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