Audi “Driver” Commercial Celebrates The Woman With Power

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This Audi “Driver” car commercial boasts the slogan: Rethink the rules of luxury. Challenge all givens.

This wonderful ode to the Powerful woman is a perfect depiction of how a woman engaged in a Female Led Relationship can prosper with the support of an intelligent man.

In the commercial she is on the phone handling a business call when she checks with her “driver” to be sure that they will arrive at the airport on time. He assures her that they are on target.

He glances at her through the rear view mirror and you can detect a sense of admiration as he watches this Powerful woman set her business meeting for later.

She decides when she wants the car to stop and tells him exactly what she wants. He pulls over, retrieves her luggage from the trunk of the car and asks, “Is there anything else I can do for you, Ma’am?”

“So many things,” she responds, her voice laced with sexual playfulness.

The camera pans to a little girl in the front seat of the Audi who confidently says, “Mom. Dad. That’s gross.”

The husband/driver wishes her a safe trip and kisses her on the lips before she walks away.

He is her driver.

He is her navigator.

He is her admirer.

He is her protector.

He is her friend.

It is so wonderful that their daughter can witness a Mom who is obviously a leader and a father who is not threatened by the business success of his wife. Their daughter will grow up expecting nothing less than the same.

Patriarchal society? Why?

Like Audi says- Challenge all givens. 

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