Malaysian Singer Says Wearing A Hijab is Liberating

Photo: Andre Wagner

Most people in western society believe that Muslim women who wear hijabs are being oppressed by men but there is one singer who refutes that claim. Malaysian superstar singer Yuna, who has collaborated on singles with Usher and Pharrell, does not believe that her choice to wear a hijab to cover her hair takes away from…

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Program Supports Entrepreneurship For Women in Nepal

Via: Youtube

The Women Rural Enterprise Acceleration Project (WREAP) in Palpa, Nepal aims to accelerate rural women’s enterprises and foster innovative communities by offering grants to women in the local community of around 260,000 people, many of which have had to migrate to find employment. Women like Purnamaya Maharjan who lives in Papal, manfactures Dhaka textile and is…

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An Apology to America’s Moms


By James. F. Wright Mom, I’m sorry. You deserve so much better. While we’re at it, so do all of America’s women. What happened? When did treating women like objects —or worse— become the new norm? The standard is that society treats mothers, particularly full-time moms, like the great unwashed. A few weeks ago I…

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A Female Led Society is NOT About…

Female Led Society Rules

Many may have misconceptions about what a Female Led Society would be like. We want to dismember these misconceptions one at a time. A Female Led Society is NOT About… Degrading Men We do not hate men. We appreciate their presence and support in our lives. Just because we are advocates for a Female Led…

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No Men Beyond This Point Depicts A World Where Men Are Becoming Extinct

No Men Beyond this point

No Men Beyond This Point is a comedy mockumentary that depicts what our world would be like if the male population were dying off. The comedy, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2015, tells the fictional story of 37-year-old man who is the youngest man left on Earth after women began giving birth to girls only without men’s…

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Two Nuns Create a Movement For Healing With Marijuana


Two women with a strong interest in the healing powers of marijuana have fascinated the country by ordaining themselves as nuns, starting their own order and creating a business that offer marijuana based healing products. Sister Darcy and Sister Kate are a perfectly matched pair, down to their matching nun habits and affinity for advocating for…

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VIDEO: Why Women Make Better Business Leaders


According to this video created by OnlineMBA.Com a business group’s collective IQ went up when there were women on the team. What other facts demonstrate that women in leadership improve profits, moral and the overall success of businesses? Watch the video, see for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments.

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Brawny Paper Towels Presents #StrengthHasNoGender Ads


Brawny Paper Towels is honoring the strength of women during Women’s History Month by creating video ads that showcase powerful women—each of who is making a difference in her own way. The “#StrengthHasNoGender” campaign boasts compelling interviews with CEO and president of Alvarado Construction Linda Alvarado; WNBA player Swin Cash; firefighter Maureen Stoecklein; and dean…

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