Meredith Perry Brings Wireless Power To the Forefront of Technology

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When she was just a student at the University of Pennsylvania, Meredith Perry created a ground breaking idea that would bring wireless power to the world. Despite the fact that she is not an engineer, she developed the concept after becoming frustrated that all of her power chargers were tethered to the wall. She began googling to figure out a way to transmit wirelessly through the air – and she figured it out.

According to Inc.Com, she developed a wireless charging device that uses sound waves to send power to electronic devices which has now been backed by $25 million from investors. Notable names like Mark Cuban, Marissa Mayer and Tony Hsieh have all signed on to help produce the device she calls uBeam. Mark Cuban even called her product a “zillion-dollar idea.”

Although detractors have come out of the woodwork to claim that Meredith’s device is unsafe, she negates their opinions claiming to have used seed funding to hire 30 of the world’s leading ultrasonic engineers, physicists, and electrical engineers to create the technology.

“If I weren’t as stubborn as I am, I probably would’ve chucked this entire idea five years ago, because people with a lot more knowledge told me that what I was doing was impossible,” she said. “But by thinking differently, thinking outside the box, thinking around corners, you have the potential to outthink the top thinkers.”

The device is still in development and has not been demonstrated to the public yet.

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